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Dennis Sanders has over 30 years industry experience with a 20 year history of band management that includes gold and platinum artists as well as top celebrities like Jada Pinkett-Smith. From the van to the boardroom and everything in between Dennis brings a proven record and a range of experience rarely seen these days at the executive level. He brings his passion, vision and work ethic to The Label Group and expects the same passion and dedication from those he surrounds himself with. 



Josh Volkov has over 10 years experience in business management and has a unique vision for growth. Developing and structuring businesses at a young age aided in the process of developing a proven strategy for success. Being a musician as well as a businessman has lent a well-rounded approach to the modern environment of the entertainment industry. Having been on the forefront of business as well as performing on the stage Josh has a great respect and understanding of what artists will encounter while building their brand.  





Our radio-marketing department is second to none representing radio stations nation wide as well as national online and satellite outlets. Our team has worked with every major label, artist and station represented in the industry with proven success boasting multiple #1 positions. Our department utilizes over 10 industry professionals with the best skills in the industry enabling effective navigation of the ever-changing radio environment securing the best outcome for your track. 



The society we live in today is fast paced and trend driven. The average persons will see an astronomical amount of ads on any given day making marketing an extremely tough job. Our marketing team will analyze your social media and optimize your reach building a more effective platform for your brand to cut through the chatter. Our department utilizes social media experts, video marketing experts and online marketing experts to develop a plan that is custom tailored for you enabling the exposure needed in branding you as an artist. 





We believe that touring is one of the most important aspects to building and maintaining a strong fan base. Seeing a band perform live is what builds a valuable relationship between artist and fan. Our department maintains relationships with multiple booking agents both national and international alike providing opportunities we can utilize to introduce bands who may fit their roster. The department also receives a list of tours that are in need of opening acts, which may be a fit for your brand. If you are a headlining act our department can also set up a tour around you utilizing our relationships with agents. 



One of the most important aspects of being an artist is making sure there is a legitimate distribution outlet for your music to be professionally represented after you put so much time and effort into writing and recording it. Our department utilizes the most professional people in the industry to provide you everything you need when you are ready to sell your assets, music & merchandise. On the music side, we provide professional distribution through Ingrooves (Universal). Ingrooves has partnerships with online marketing companies like Amazon, ITunes, Spotify, Pandora and many more outlets, providing the best exposure for your music to the public. On the merchandise side, our department works with the highest quality CD, Tape and Vinyl manufacturing companies out there as well as companies who manufacture quality shirts, hoodies, posters, stickers, etc. 

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