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The Label Group offers a general management plan that will cover every aspect of your business. If you are an artist with multiple careers it can be tough to keep everything going and develop unique opportunities to further each aspect of your career. We can help! Contact us today for a consultation. 




If you are an artist who likes to get your hands dirty building your career, but lack the time to keep up with the day to day tasks, we can help! We provide a program that will manage your pre-tour planning as well as taking care of the day to day communication while on the road. Contact us today for a consultation.




If you are an artist who is faced with a hard decision in your career and you would like a second opinion, we got you covered! Take advantage of our strategic planning and consultation department. With years of experience in this industry our seasoned consultants can help guide you through any tough decisions.




When looking at touring there are many things to consider before getting out there. We have years of experience planning successful tours helping artists execute efficient and effective tour budgets while getting them the best results form the road. 




The Label Group offers flexible billing for our artists. We don't take the standard one size fits all approach that most management firms take. We offer a payment plan that makes sense to you, the artist. 



Hourly Billing

Monthly Billing

Percentage Billing 

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