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The Label Group is a management company that offers full label services to our artists!

At The Label Group, we believe there are three important priorities..........#1-The Artist #2-The Artist #3-The Artist




The Label Group is a much-needed solution to an every growing problem. The music industry is and has always evolved through the years, creating opportunity for new innovative business. The Label Group is the next step in the evolution of the industry.


Historically, major labels have maintained the only outlet for delivering music to market making it a seemingly exclusive industry.  With the explosion of social media and mobile devices, the level of exposure has created an efficient vehicle to deliver music to market without the use of major labels. With this shift in exposure access to the music market boomed, independent labels were born giving more artists the ability to sell music.


Recently there has been another shift in the industry, a more DIY approach to music marketing. Artists have taken on the daunting task of self-promotion, marketing, sales, touring, and so much more. This is a great option for artists who want to maintain control of their own careers, however it also poses an issue. Without a label, you don’t have a professional team to assist you in key aspects of running a successful career. Some of the key elements you need are: music distribution, music licensing, radio promotion, video marketing, press, touring, booking agents, management, online marketing, legal representation, recording, endorsements, and funding.


The Label Group is the solution! With The Label Group, artists can maintain complete control of their career while having access to one of the best teams in the industry. The Label Group is the next generation of label, the artist’s label. Artists have the ability to utilize our professional relationships in the industry as well as our experience in the market. The Label Group is a seamless strait forward professional vehicle for artists to efficiently and affectively create revenue in the market.  

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